Posted on January 12, 2016 by Dimitra Papanika

Fotis Smouklis and Kimonas Patsios are behind the CUTCUUTUR brand. They are two architects who apply the principles of composition on the human body. They are winning over the Greek audience and making plans for the future.
Interview by Dimitra Papanika

#1. How did you meet each other and how was CUTCUUTURconceived? Would you like to introduce us to your team? CUTCUUTUR was conceived along with Eleanna Panagoulia, when we were studying architecture together at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. While working on group projects, we realized that we shared a common vision in design and aesthetics. After finishing our studies, we decided to combine this element together with our love for design and fashion and thus the brand was born. In its first steps as a side project, we had to deal with everything and experiment quite a lot.  After 2 years, we noticed that CUTCUUTUR was starting to grow and the audience was more receptive to it. We, therefore, started collaborating with a growing number of people, so that each level of the brand would function more smoothly. We have relaunched CUTCUUTUR on a more stable and professional basis. The creative part is still done by Kimonas and me and the team is complemented by Eleanna, Thanos Papaioannou, Nafsika Lalioti and Liana Marvonanou.

#2. Was it an easy decision to start up your own brand in contemporary Greece? Is the environment conducive to the development of such initiatives or does it suppress them? It’s difficult to start something on your own initiative in such an unstable socio-political environment. There are various, considerable limitations and restraints which you must overcome and go on. I think that faith and persistence are basic tools. This prevailing uncertainty forces you to think and re-think every move, to evaluate things and find ways to develop your work to its full potential. “We’d rather say ‘bring it on’ to new challenges!”.

 #3. What’s in the works this period? What are your plans? At the moment, we are getting ready to launch our winter collection. It’s the first time we are trying to market a more complete collection which will include, besides tops and skirts, overcoats and some other accessories like handbags and scarves. At the same time we are working on the SS16 collection and also discussing about possible collaborations. Our immediate goal is to establish ourselves in the local market, extend our network of partnerships and the next step is the launching of the brand abroad.



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